Frequently asked questions…

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Q. Are all your lifeguards qualified in first aid administration as well as rescuing?
A. Yes they are. All of our lifeguard’s skills are regularly reviewed and refreshed to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Q. If I were to cancel , would I lose all the payment I have made?
A. No way! Our cancellation policy is as follows:

Up to 7 days in advance = 90% refunded
Up to 3 days in advance = 50% refunded
24 hours of less = NO REFUND

This is due to our lifeguards being reserved for the event ,which would have prevented them working elsewhere. 

Q. As well as pool lifeguards, do you have beach lifeguards on hand to supply too?
A. Yes! We are pleased to announce that we have recently recruited a team of beach lifeguards for rent to add to our thriving team of pool lifeguards.

Q. I specifically need a female lifeguard for a religious event, can this be arranged?
A. We have both male and female lifeguards working for Loan A Lifeguard (LAL) to suit your needs and to provide you with a service you’re most comfortable with. Please ensure you make your request as soon as possible.

Q. Do you have any games or toys you could supply the children with?
A. Our lifeguard’s main priority is to be alert and ensure the safety of all swimmers, however if it is safe to do so , upon request the lifeguard can introduce some games to the party. Please let us know in advance.

Q. My party is expecting 100 people, however only 20 are swimming. Based on your 30:1 swimmer to lifeguard policy will I require 3 lifeguards?
A. Nope! As only 20 people are swimming, only 1 lifeguard will be needed. Once the number of people in the pool exceeds 30, an additional lifeguard will be required.

Q. I noticed you are predominantly based in the South. My party is in Liverpool, could you still supply me with a lifeguard?
A. Although we are based in the south, we have a team of lifeguards available nationwide. If a lifeguard does need to travel to get to an event, we account for this in the cost, so your party is never out of reach.

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OR click here to go to the governments health & safety guidelines

Don’t take any unnecessary risks… call us today for a free quote. We will send you our health & safety executive document and government guidelines.