New From RLSS UK – Open Water Lifeguard!


Exclusive new course 2016 for lifeguards wanting to work in Open Water.

Open Water Swimming is one of the UK’s fastest growing sports and streams of people are plunging into the sport. We want all involved to be as safe as possible when enjoying open water and have created and launched a new ‘bolt-on-module’ for our National Pool Lifeguard Qualification called Open Water Lifeguard in response.

Open Water Lifeguards can support at a host of events and locations including –

  • Open Water Swims
  • Triathlons
  • Public inland bathing sites
  • Adventure Races
  • Canoeing


There is also an opportunity to train people to be Open Water Lifeguards by becoming an Open Water Trainer Assessor.


Become an Open Water Lifeguard

Thanks to celebrities such as David Walliams, open water swimming has had a major surge with streams of people plunging into inland waters across the UK. In order to keep our nation of open water swimmers safe, RLSS UK has launched a brand new bolt-on module to our National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NLPQ).

I want to be an Open Water Lifeguard!

For our NLPQ qualified lifeguards, the course is a six-hour module award that will build on existing skills and knowledge and prepare them for the open water environment. Lifeguards will be assessed on their confidence and ability in open water and by the end of the course, will be able to supervise and provide rescue during controlled activities, such as triathlons and adventure races in non-tidal waters.

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