Pool Lifeguard – STA (The Swimming Teacher’s Association)

The Pool Lifeguard qualification is designed to train lifeguards in pool rescue, CPR techniques, first aid and dealing with poolside emergencies in accordance with the National Occupational Standards and sections 140 – 185 of Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools and British Standard BS EN 15288 Part 2, Safety Requirements for Operations.

Today with more than 8,000 members, STA is the world’s largest independent swimming teaching and lifesaving organisation, and delivers the highest quality training across four key business areas – Swimming Teaching, Lifesaving, First Aid and Leisure Management.

Founded in 1932, STA is a registered charity (registered charity number: 1051631) whose objective is:

The preservation of human life by the teaching of swimming, lifesaving and survival techniques.

STA is internationally recognised and is uniquely positioned as the only awarding organisation in the UK that can deliver multi-aquatic programmes – Swimming Teaching, Lifesaving and Pool Plant qualifications – that are:

Qualification Number: 600/2965/1
Title: STA Level 2 Award for Pool Lifeguard (QCF)
Credit Value: 5 Credits

Qualification Number: R244 04
Title: STA Professional Award for Pool Lifeguard at SCQF Level 7
Credit Value: 5 Credits


  • Be 16 years of age or older
  • Be able to swim 100 metres on the front and 100 metres on the back without stopping
  • Be able to swim 50 metres in under 1 minute
  • Be able to surface dive and recover an object from the deepest part of the pool

Validity of Award

This qualification is valid for 2 years.

Length of Course

34 Recommended Guided Learning Hours

Course Information

This qualification covers:

  • Knowing how to prepare and maintain a healthy and safe pool environment
  • Knowing how to carry out pool emergency procedures and basic rescue skills
  • Knowing how to observe activities carefully and continuously while supervising the pool
  • Knowing how to give customers information and help
  • Understanding the need to educate customers on how to use the pool safely
  • Knowing how to identify and deal with any potential hazards promptly and safely while the pool is in use
  • Giving information and help with effective communication with customers and colleagues
  • Understanding the Pool Safety Operating Procedures
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a pool responder and first aider
  • Understanding basic first aid procedures for injuries sustained in an aquatic environment
  • Knowing how to respond to a pool emergency situation and administer basic life support
  • Understanding the differences when dealing with various kinds of casualties
  • Being able to respond to simulated pool emergencies
  • Understanding the important of recording, reporting and analysing pool emergency and first aid situations

Mandatory Units

  • Understand How to Prepare and Maintain a Healthy and Safe Pool Environment
  • Understand How to Supervise Pool Activities
  • Carry Out Pool Lifeguard Emergency and First Aid Procedures

Additional Units

This qualification can be registered with the following additional units:

Assessment Criteria

  • Complete a portfolio and worksheet questions to the satisfaction of the course tutor
  • Demonstrate the ability to carry out rescue activities in a safe, effective and prompt manner
  • Demonstrate CPR on a sudden collapse, cardiac, baby or child casualty in a safe, prompt and effective manner
  • Demonstrate the management of an unconscious casualty, including primary survey and recovery position, in a safe, prompt and effective manner
  • Complete a 30 question multiple-choice paper with a unit pass mark of 22/30