What We Offer

Thank you for considering us to provide our services. Safety and saving lives is our number 1 priority which provides complete peace of mind for our customers. We offer fully qualified lifeguards and spa operatives for both short and long term hire, and often at very short notice nationwide. We cater for both business and private hire and all our lifeguards are fully NPLQ or STA qualified, not only in rescuing, but also in first aid administration. They all study and maintain a high level of lifeguarding knowledge and technique throughout the year.

Our services include:

  • Supply fully qualified and experienced lifeguards on long or short term contracts to Hotels, Leisure Centres, Holiday Parks, Summer Camps, Universities and Schools
  • Hotel Spa Swimming Pool Management
  • Advertising, Lifeguard Vetting process, DBS clearance arranged through our sponsorship programme
  • Holiday Camp resource management
  • Open Water Events – Triathlon, Canoeing, Ocean Swimming
  • Swimming Gala’s
  • Children’s pool parties (in a swimming pool or in an area with access to a pool)
  • Works party where adults are consuming alcohol in close proximately to a pool or other hazardous water areas
  • Family and friends gatherings
  • Private client functions, including weddings, works parties
  • School swimming lessons
  • Water sporting events
  • PR and celebrity events
  • General peace of mind when an event is being held in close proximately to a pool or other hazardous water areas

Charity Events

Here at Loan A Lifeguard we take working at a charity event an honour. We therefore are delighted to offer you a 10% discount on the total cost of your events lifeguard hire.

If required we can carry out intense enhanced DBS/CRB clearance on our lifeguards for working with children and adults requiring supervision.

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2020 Discounts

Discount applied on Unit Prices throughout 2020

Recruitment Drive Packages: Fixed %, call for details.

Event Prices (1-2 weeks): We have a set “Lifeguard Unit Price” . If the event is scheduled to last longer than 7 hours (1 Unit), then an additional per hour will be charged.

Long Term Contracts (2 weeks+): Call today for our heavily discounted pricing structure on Long Term Contracts. For Long Term Contracts, we can offer half unit days, for Swimming Lessons etc.  We also  have a full working model on how we can reduce your overheads at your Leisure Centres, Holiday Camps, Universities and Schools

We will send you without obligation our “True Cost of an Employee” calculator. Please email us for this.

Safety and saving lives is our number 1 priority. We take all precautions to ensure our lifeguards maintain 100% concentration when lifeguarding. Hence when the number of swimmers exceeds 30 it becomes very difficult for 1 lifeguard to watch each and every person. This is why we set a limit of 1 lifeguard per 30 swimmers. After this limit, there will be the additional charge of  another lifeguard.

For events taking place on a public holiday or during anti-social hours (00:00 – 06:00) lifeguarding is charged at a set hourly fee of £40 per hour.

Loan A Lifeguard currently operates Nationwide  Please enquire to find out how close your nearest lifeguard is.

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