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Lifeguard hire

Lifeguard recruitment

Sourcing, vetting, recruiting and insuring your own pool or beach lifeguards is time consuming, costly and carries compliance risk.

Whether this is lifeguard hire for a network of hotels, leisure centres, holiday parks, a one-off swim event, or to provide a safe environment at a children’s pool party.

We carry a £5,000,000 Public Liability insurance, and £5,000,000 Employers Liability Insurance – to comply with government guidelines for HSE and to provide you with complete peace of mind.


Lifeguard Hire

We offer:

  • Long/short term lifeguard hire or permanent placement to Hotels, Leisure Centres, and Holiday Parks, Universities & Schools
  • Hotel Spa Swimming Pool Management
  • Advertising, Lifeguard Vetting process, DBS clearance arranged through our sponsorship programme
  • Holiday Camp resource management
  • Open Water Event lifeguard hire – Triathlon, Canoeing, Ocean Swimming
  • Swimming Galas
  • Children’s pool parties (in a swimming pool or in an area with access to a pool)
  • Works party where adults are consuming alcohol in close proximately to a pool or other hazardous water areas
  • Family and friends gatherings
  • Private client functions, including weddings, works parties
  • School swimming lessons
  • Water sporting events
  • Lifeguard hire for PR and celebrity events
  • General peace of mind when an event is being held in close proximately to a pool or other hazardous water areas
  • Lifeguard ongoing training and assessment


Lifeguards for Leisure Centres/Holiday Camps

Leisure Centres/Holiday Camps/Universities/School Centre Managers

We guarantee to reduce your overall lifeguard hire headcount cost. Using our free True Cost of an Employee Calculator we can help you quantify the real cost of providing an in house lifeguard service.

You will be surprised how much you will save with us. Call us now on +44 (0) 203 875 8300, or email, for a no obligation quote.

Charity events Structure

We are privileged to provide lifeguard hire to a huge number of charity events and provide a 10% discount on the total cost of your events lifeguard hire.

If required we can carry out enhanced DBS/CRB clearance on our lifeguards for working with children and adults requiring supervision.


Pricing Structure

In outlining how many lifeguards are required and for what period the risk assessment will include a variety of factors including (but not restricted to) ratio of swimmers to lifeguards; nature of activity; depth of water; indoor pool or open water etc. Below is an outline of the pricing structure for some of our key services:

Permanent Lifeguard Recruitment: Fixed % that varies with the number of lifeguards required. Call for details.

Event Prices: We have a set “Lifeguard Unit Price”. If the event is scheduled to last longer than 7 hours (1 Unit), then an additional per hour will be charged. For events taking place on a public holiday or during anti-social hours (00:00 – 06:00) an additional cost is per hour. Call for specific details tailored to your needs…

Short Term Contracts (1-2 weeks): We have a set half day (up to 4hrs) and full day (up to 7hrs) price. If lifeguards are required for longer, then an hourly rate will be charged. This kind of cover can often be sourced at very short notice. Call for specific details tailored to your needs…

Longer Term Contracts (2 weeks+): Our discounted rates vary depending on the number of lifeguards and duration required. We can also offer half days to account for time bound activities such as swimming lessons etc.

Our True Cost of an Employee Calculator will show how we can help reduce the cost of providing lifeguards at your Leisure Centres, Holiday Camps, Universities and Schools and remove the headache of managing the associated compliance. Call for specific details tailored to your needs…

Lifeguards for hire

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes they are. All of our lifeguard’s skills are regularly reviewed and refreshed to ensure you receive the best service possible.

No way! Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Up to 7 days in advance = 90% refunded
  • Up to 3 days in advance = 50% refunded
  • 24 hours of less = NO REFUND. This is due to our lifeguards being reserved for the event, which would have prevented them working elsewhere. 

Yes! We are pleased to announce that we have recently recruited a team of beach lifeguards for rent to add to our thriving team of pool lifeguards.

We have both male and female lifeguards working for Loan A Lifeguard (LAL) to suit your needs and to provide you with a service you’re most comfortable with. Please ensure you make your request as soon as possible.

Our lifeguard’s main priority is to be alert and ensure the safety of all swimmers, however if it is safe to do so, upon request the lifeguard can introduce some games to the party. Please let us know in advance.

No! As only 20 people are swimming, only 1 lifeguard will be needed. Once the number of people in the pool exceeds 30, an additional lifeguard will be required. This will be documented in your booking.

We have a large team of lifeguards available nationwide. If a lifeguard does need to travel to get to an event, we account for this in the cost, so your party is never out of reach.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at OR click here to view Health & Safety guidelines produce by the Government.

Don’t take any unnecessary risks – call us today for a free quote or complete the contact us form. We will send you our health & safety executive document and government guidelines.